Workman’s Compensation Attorneys in Columbus, Mansfield Dayton & Lima Ohio

Our Columbus, Mansfield, Dayton & Lima Ohio Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at Badnell & Dick Co., LPA are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the process of receiving workman’s compensation benefits. Let us assist you with:

  • Contacting physicians to provide proof of a compensation claim
  • File new claims on clients behalf
  • Negotiate ongoing weekly benefits and rates
  • Get unpaid medical bills paid
  • Cross examine insurance company doctors about opinions that hurt the client’s case
  • Cross examine employer’s witnesses who contradict the employee’s story of how the accident happened.
  • Obtain a judgment of permanency to compensate for future lost wages.

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Hiring an Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Columbus, Mansfield, Lima and Dayton, Ohio

Injured employees will likely receive their maximum benefits from workers’ compensation insurance when using the skills of an experienced attorney. This is because the lawyer has a comprehensive understanding of the Ohio workers’ compensation system and can navigate their client through the process.

It is especially important to hire a skilled attorney if the employee has been denied their benefits, or have not received adequate compensation. In addition, many times the employee will report their injuries days or weeks after the incident, because they fear losing their job.

An attorney can also make sure that physicians other than the employer-approved doctors examine the claimant. This ensures the employee has the medical documentation needed to support their claim for benefits.

It is essential to file for workers’ compensation benefits for any injuries or illnesses related to the workplace. This is the only way be assured that the claim is accepted and the benefits are paid on time.

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