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About Our Affordable Attorneys In Northeast Ohio

With over 20 years of experience as a Social Security & Disability law firm, Our affordable attorneys in Ohio WILL help you win your case.

Why Choose Us As Your Trusted Legal Partner?

Personal Attention

We work tirelessly for you. Our primary pledge is to delve into the specifics of your case meticulously, paying attention to every detail.gavel on wood with brown background - used in our court cases with our affordable attorneys We’re aware that your case holds immense importance to you. Therefore, procuring the results you deserve is our utmost priority. We extend a level of personal attention which often sets us apart from many other attorneys. In addition, our services are affordably priced, ensuring that you secure the necessary representation without putting a strain on your finances. Whether you’re in or outside the Mansfield vicinity, our virtual consultation service is at your disposal. So, regardless of whether you are in Lima, Akron, or Columbus, expert legal assistance is just a phone call away.


Our legal professionals have spent years honing their skills in their respective areas of specialization. This assures you of representation that’s finely attuned to your specific requirements, driven by an attorney brimming with the required knowledge and competence. Through our vast experience, we are well equipped to guide you seamlessly through what can sometimes be a confusing legal process.

Aggressive, Relentless Representation

Wanting your attorney to leave no stone unturned in winning your case is entirely understandable. We thrive in this demanding environment. Our team stands out from the rest owing to our unyielding commitment and ambition to secure victory. We do not hesitate to step into courtrooms and fiercely advocate for your cause. Our attorneys will contest relentlessly on your behalf and won’t relent until justice is delivered.

Clients Always Come First

Your case and your needs will always be our first priority. We will never settle a case because we need the money. So, we make all settlement negotiations and trial decisions with your input. This means that you have the final say about how and when your case is resolved. You often hear about the customer always being right, here the client is always right.

Trust & Loyalty

We represent people just like you. Honest, hard-working Americans, who through no fault of their own become injured, disabled, or fell on tough economic times. In addition, we will never represent a corporation, business, or insurance company, meaning you can rest assured that we are 100% loyal to you.

No Fees Until Your Case Is Won (Injury and Disability)

We work on a contingency fee basis for all Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability (SSI/SSD) & Personal Injury cases. As a result, there are no upfront costs for you. In addition, our firm will obtain the necessary records, pay any associated costs, and hire the necessary experts.  This means that you only pay after we have successfully resolved your case. So, we don’t get paid until you do!

Expanding our Reach: Remote Consultations for Clients outside Mansfield - Attorneys Serving Lima, Akron & More

At Badnell & Dick Co., LPA, we’ve embraced the power of digital technology to cater to a diverse clientele across numerous Ohio locales. Our innovative approach ensures that no matter where you may be – in Lima, Akron, Columbus, or any other part of Ohio – trustworthy, affordable legal advice from our team is always within your reach.

Breaking Geographical Barriers with Remote Consultations

Our mission is to dismantle geographical boundaries and ensure every client can benefit from our prompt, efficient, and personalized legal assistance. Whether you need an initial legal consultation, a detailed discussion about your case, or expert advice from our qualified professionals, our remote consulting services cater to your needs without requiring you to leave the comfort of your chosen environment.

High-Quality Legal Counsel Available 24/7

At Badnell & Dick Co., LPA, we underline the fact that top-notch legal counsel is never more than a phone call away – no matter where you’re located. Available round the clock, our affordable attorneys in Lima, Ohio are ready to guide and assist you through your legal journey with suitable advice and representation.

Tailor-Made Legal Services That Fit Your Needs

With our firm, legal aid in Ohio transcends location constraints and becomes user-friendly, accessible, and most crucially, tailored to fit your unique needs. Our clients-first approach reflects in our flexible consultation options, offering you the convenience of connecting with affordable Lima Ohio attorneys from your preferred location. Our unwavering commitment to better serve you brings quality, yet affordable legal advice directly to your doorstep.

So call 1-800-234-9511 today to schedule a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultation with one of our experienced and affordable attorneys. In Lima, Akron, or Columbus, Ohio? Don’t worry, we’re just a phone call away!

Meet The Affordable Attorneys in Ohio Who Will Help Win Your Case!

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