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Affordable Attorneys At Our Mansfield, Ohio Office

The Badnell & Dick Company’s first and largest office is located at 21 North Walnut Street, Mansfield, Ohio 44902. We opened our Mansfield law firm with the goal of providing the best possible representation for all of our clients through our affordable attorneys in Mansfield, Ohio. That goal continues today, but on a much larger scale as we now represent injured and disabled individuals all across Ohio.

affordable attorneys Mansfield Ohio

To accomplish our goal, our attorneys in Mansfield, Ohio focus on practice areas such as Social Security Disability (SSD/SSI) and Personal Injury. Throughout our time as a company, we have gotten great results and outcomes for our clients. Our experience speaks for itself. So, when Results Matter™, call the Badnell & Dick Company at (419) 525-0800 to see how one of our experienced and affordable attorneys from our Mansfield office can help you with your case! So, you are able to get the first step of winning your case for free!

Badnell & Dick Co., L.P.A.

21 North Walnut Street

Mansfield, Ohio 44902

Phone: (419) 525-0800

Fax: (419) 525-0804

Not in the Mansfield area? We also have a branch in Lima for your convenience, so that you can get help whenever and wherever you need it! Also, we help people with a wide variety of legal issues throughout the state of Ohio so you can trust that we can help you too. Therefore, we specialize in Social Security Disability and Personal Injury cases. Find a location near you and let us help you resolve your legal disputes!   

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