What to Look for When Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney in Mansfield, Lima, Canton or Dayton, Ohio?

Bankruptcy is an option for individuals and businesses during these difficult economic times. A bankruptcy attorney can help a filer to decide which bankruptcy option is the more appropriate. There are several types of bankruptcies that can help to alleviate certain debt issues that a person or business may face.

Federal Courts and Filing a Bankruptcy Petition

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the southern district of Dayton, Ohio, is the appropriate court to hear a bankruptcy petition of a filer. A bankruptcy attorney who has admittance in this particular bankruptcy court would be the appropriate choice of bankruptcy attorney. This attorney would be able to file the necessary paperwork needed for a successful bankruptcy petition in the southern district of Ohio.

Needed to Successfully File

A successful bankruptcy petition will need certain accompanying documents filed with the standard bankruptcy forms. There are three basic bankruptcy types that are used more commonly in these federal courts.

1. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the more common type of individual bankruptcy. This type of filing allows the person to keep a house, car, and certain personal assets and set up a pay back plan for the outstanding debts. There is a means or qualifying test that is used for all Chapter 13 petitions, and the individual filer completes a debt counseling course as well.

2. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is called a straight bankruptcy and is used by those individuals who want to sell a house or car and pay back the outstanding unsecured debt with the proceeds from these assets. There are other arrangements that can be selected with this form of bankruptcy.

3. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is one that is used with a business. The business that needs to file a bankruptcy petition can set up a pay back plan for its outstanding debt and continue to stay in business. This business plan is similar to an individual Chapter 13 petition.


A person or business group that wishes to hire a bankruptcy attorney will need to find one that is able to file a petition within the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Our bankruptcy attorneys will help to manage the documents that will eventually need to be filed with the court. A bankruptcy attorney is usually paid up front a certain service fee.

Federal law requires the following statement: We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for protection under the bankruptcy code.

* Plus filing fee and credit report.