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The Badnell & Dick Company focuses on providing the best possible representation for each and every one of our clients who are facing tough financial times.  We try to make the process as easy as possible and have offices located in Columbus, Mansfield, Lima, Dayton, Toledo and Canton.

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Individuals use Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to get a fresh financial start by getting rid of, or discharging, their debt(s).  Generally speaking, unsecured debts can be eliminated in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  Unsecured debts such as medical bills, credit cards, judgments from most car accidents, some personal loans, and past payments owed on repossessed vehicles are just some of the debts that can be released with the proper filing of the Chapter 7 paperwork.  However, certain debts, like: child support; most federal, state and local taxes; student loans; and debts incurred as a result of drunk driving or as a result of intentional or malicious injury cannot be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  It is important to consult a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to make sure you completely understand which debts will be released, and which debts you will still be responsible for following the filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Most of our clients get through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process in four to six months.

Will I Lose My Car or Other Property?

Most of our Chapter 7 clients do not lose their property, yet get to be released from most, if not all, of the debt they owed.  This is the whole function of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  He or she can keep cars, homes and personal belongings, but they also get to eliminate debt that is owed.  In most cases, as long as you are current with the payments on your home or vehicle(s), and there is no equity in the property, then you can usually reinstate (called reaffirming) the debt for these items and keep possession of them.  In some situations, if a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is not filed, a family could lose their home to a foreclosure or vehicle to a repossession due to late or missed payments.  However, each case and financial situation is unique, and you should consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to ensure you will not lose your assets during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

How Do I Make the Calls From Creditors and Collection Agencies Stop?

On the date that your bankruptcy is filed, your creditors are sent notices from the courts forbidding them from contacting and bothering you.  Creditors cannot phone you or send any more letters pertaining to past due amounts on any of your debts.  Instead, they must either call your attorney for information or follow the courts instructions and filed a claim for repayment.

How Long Will The Bankruptcy Be On My Credit Report?

The bankruptcy will be reported to all credit agencies and will stay on a person’s record for up to 10 years. Reestablishing your credit after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not as hard as most people believe. A person that has filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the debts have been released, is now debt free. He or she can start establishing new lines of credit right away. Their credit limits might be lower and the interest rates higher, but if well managed anyone can reestablish their credit in a couple of years.

The Badnell & Dick Company Serves Individuals Just Like You All Across Ohio

At the Badnell & Dick Company, we offer affordable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy options which begin with a FREE, no-obligation consultation. You will find that our fees are very reasonable.  Each case is unique and not every person will qualify for these fees which are subject to geographical and other limits.  Additional fees may apply for more than 30 creditors, lien avoidance, reaffirmation agreements, contested matters, rush filings and/or other issues.

We are so confident about our fees that we put them right here on our website.  No gimmicks, nothing to hide.  We encourage you to compare our price to any of our competitors because when you compare the total cost with other firms, you will find that we have very reasonable fees for our Chapter 7 Bankruptcies.

So call 1-800-234-9511 today to schedule a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.  We represent clients across Ohio and have offices in Columbus, Mansfield, Lima, Dayton, Toledo and Canton.Federal law requires the following statement: We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for protection under the bankruptcy code.