Why hire the attorneys at Badnell and Dick if you have been denied disability in Canton, Ohio?

Getting approved for disability benefits can be a long and frustrating experience, as the Social Security Administration denies in excess of 70% of all claims on the initial filing. The process is largely a detailed civil court proceeding that will result in a permanent decision of eligibility for benefits based on the total disability of the applicant. An application for Social Security benefits is not necessarily a claim that the filer is a disabled individual. That disability is the basis for the real claim that the applicant can no longer maintain substantive gainful employment due to the disability. The problem is that only certain definitive disabilities are immediately acceptable for the SSA, and applicants must retain an experienced disability attorney like Badnell and Dick who can craft an overall view of the applicant’s general health that is comparative to an authorized payable disability. This situation is largely why cases go through multiple hearings that allow the disability claimant attorney to provide medical evidence qualifying the applicant according to the Social Security Administration rules.

The Initial Application

The Social Security Administration now has provided online capability for an applicant to apply for disability benefits, but this submission may be better done with the assistance of an experienced disability attorney. Technically, an attorney may not be necessary until a claim is denied, but the information supplied at each and every step of the approval process becomes part of the official record. Information provided initially to the government could eventually be a basis for a denial. Most disability lawyers will recommend evaluating the entire application first before answering even the first question, and then make a list of potential best answers. When you retain a disability attorney from the beginning of the process it will be a better initial submission and could potentially save time in the approval process. The SSA has 60 days to respond in between appeals, and the reason they may deny a claim can provide good information that will help the disability counsel in crafting a further medical filing.

Determining the Applicable Benefit Program

Some individuals are reluctant to file for disability benefits because they do not realize they could be qualified. There are two different government disability programs, with the Social Security Administration having input for both. The SSA program is termed Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, and is administered directly by the federal government. The other program is Supplemental Security Income, which applies to those who are determined disabled but do not qualify under the SSA work credit rules. Your legal counsel from Badnell and Dick can evaluate your claim and determine which program may apply. Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is generally administered by the individual states from authority of the Social Security Administration. The same process applies as with a standard disability claim, but the program beneficiaries are reevaluated each year for level of disability. In many instances, an experienced disability attorney can get approval for these benefits quicker than standard permanent disability.

Anyone in Canton, Ohio who has been denied a disability application approval should contact the disability lawyers at Badnell and Dick for a full free evaluation of your disability claim.