Why hire the attorneys at Badnell and Dick if you have been injured in a car crash or have a personal injury claim in Canton, Ohio?

Car Crash

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Car accident cases can be complicated and frustrating legal processes that normally require representation by an experienced legal counselor who is focused on protecting the compensation recovery rights of the injured client. In the state of Ohio, everyone who is injured in an auto accident is not entitled to financial recovery for damages in situations where they are largely at fault for an accident resulting in their injuries. This can be problematic for an injured driver because of Ohio’s comparative negligence law. Additionally, it can complicate financial recovery for injured passengers as well because liability for the claimed injuries could become shared fault. Between dealing with the insurance company representatives and determinations of the court, including the accident reconstruction specialists, this is no undertaking for the typical injured accident victim. It is always a good decision to retain an experienced car accident attorney like the pros at Badnell and Dick Law Firm for a fair settlement following a car crash in Canton, Ohio.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

While it is acceptable to contact an insurance company regarding a potential injury claim, it is never a good decision for the injured claimant to handle a claim personally. Insurance claims adjusters are professional negotiators who have been educated in how to spot an opening to deny or lessen the value of an injury claim resulting from a car crash. They are always focused on the bottom line of the company and protecting the negligent client, even providing the legal defense for the party at fault. Determining level of fault for a car accident can be very contentious and is a part of the negotiation that insurance adjusters always try to control from the very beginning. This problem alone is enough to retain a solid car accident attorney like Badnell and Dick to protect your rights to compensation for injuries, especially for drivers who are being evaluated for comparative fault.

Comparative Fault in Ohio

Ohio uses modified comparative fault law at the 50% level, which means that any driver who is over 50% at fault for causing an accident cannot file an injury claim against another driver or their insurance provider. In multiple car accidents, this can pose a real problem, as insurance companies primarily argue they have no liability because the injured claimant driver is more at fault than their client. Your car accident attorney from Badnell and Dick can address any claims by the court specialists or opposing insurance company attorneys in an attempt counter these claims. Your accident attorney can investigate the accident fully, along with cross-examining any expert witnesses or court officers if a case cannot be settled before going to trial. Having aggressive legal counsel in Ohio can mean the difference in receiving a fair and equitable injury settlement or receiving absolutely nothing without the benefit of a personal professional negotiator.

Anyone in Canton, Ohio who has a potential injury claim resulting from a car crash should contact Badnell and Dick Law Firm for a full free evaluation of the financial recovery potential for your injuries.