What to look for when hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Canton, Ohio?

Any Ohio worker who suffers a serious injury on the job is entitled to compensation for lost wages and for medical bills, even if the accident was not the employer’s fault. This legal fact does not mean that injured workers automatically get what they deserve. Knowledge of Ohio workers’ compensation is a must, of course.

The most important thing to look for in an attorney is experience. A good workers’ compensation attorney should have experience handling, and winning, cases. The attorney should also have experience in different aspects of workers’ compensation:

  • Representing clients in court
  • Negotiating fair settlements
  • Preparing for cases of a particular type
  • Evaluating cases to decide to settle or fight

Even though the law is similar for all cases and businesses, the details of different cases make this area of practice rather complicated. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney would know best whether to negotiate or go to court, and what sort of settlement is realistic.

It is important to find someone as soon as a dispute emerges. You may be pressured to settle a claim for an amount that falls for short of covering your likely costs. An attorney will know whether the employer’s attorney is acting fairly. Retaining an experienced attorney is the only real defense against pressure tactics and low-ball settlement offers.

Finding the Right Attorney:

Ask friends, extended family, and coworkers if they have someone they could recommend. The Ohio state bar will have records of complaints or disciplinary actions against attorneys licenses in the state. It should be obvious, but workers’ compensation lawyers often specialize in representing business clients, not individuals. Injured individuals need to find someone who specializes in representing individuals.

This information would be readily available through the attorney’s website or through a directory of attorneys in the area. An extensive track record of representing workers’ compensation cases is also important so check the attorney websites for information on recent cases. A significant number of recent clients should be workers’ compensation clients.

Look for a local Canton-area attorney who has handled, and won, workers’ compensation cases in the recent past. Further, the best attorney to go with has recommendations from recent clients and is someone who focuses on representing individuals not businesses.