Dayton & Lima Ohio Disability Attorneys

Why hire an out of state attorney?  We have an office in downtown Dayton.  Our office is only a block away from the hearing office.  Meet your attorney and walk to your hearing.  We also have offices located in Lima, Mansfield, and Columbus.

Winning disability benefits is never a fast or easy process. Many initial disability claims are denied in Dayton or Lima Ohio. The appeals process is just as complicated as filing for disability in the first place. This is why a lawyer is necessary. There are several reasons to hire Badnell & Dick in Dayton or Lima, Ohio after being denied disability.

Extensive Experience in Dayton and Lima Ohio

Badnell & Dick have extensive experience with disability cases in Dayton and Lima, Ohio. This is incredibly important since disability laws can be very different from one jurisdiction to the next. The experience the attorneys have allows them to utilize all parts of “Ohio” disability law in favor of the client. This can include parts of the law that lawyers from outside the state might never discover. Experience in Ohio will make a large difference during the appeals process.

Build a Strong Legal Appeal

Appealing the denial gives applicants a chance to build an even stronger case for disability benefits. The lawyers at Badnell & Dick will help clients to build a strong legal appeal. This includes reviewing and gathering new medical evidence or statements from previous employers. The appeal the attorneys will craft is the best chance anyone has of winning disability benefits.

Prepare Necessary Parties for Questioning

Something invaluable that the attorneys at Badnell & Dick will do is to prepare all necessary parties for questioning. This is important because a critical part of the appeals process involves the judge asking questions of the person seeking disability benefits. It is important to know what to expect and to know what the law says. An attorney will ensure that the client is fully prepared to defend the appeal even under the harshest questioning from a judge.

Effectively Argue the Case against Experts

Another part of the appeals process will involve hearing testimony from an expert witness attempting to dispute the disability claim and medical evidence. The attorneys at Badnell & Dick will be able to effectively argue against the points the experts are making by using hard evidence. The lawyers might be able to completely remove all doubt that the client does deserve disability in Datyon or Lima, Ohio.

No Fees Until We Win your Disability Case

A final reason to hire Badnell & Dick is that we never charge a fee until we win your disability case.  Individuals who have been denied disability will receive a free consultation with the attorneys.