Affordable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio.

If your financial problems have you thinking about bankruptcy laws, you are not alone. Rich or poor, famous or unknown, today’s unsettled economy affects nearly everyone. If it is affecting you, make your next call to us at Affordable Bankruptcy Legal Services. We understand that even the thought of bankruptcy can be stressful, and merely inquiring about it can be embarrassing. We also understand how to resolve these issues quickly, effectively, and confidentially. That is our commitment to you.

If you are having serious financial problems or even if you just want to clear up your credit, contact us. We can advise you about bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options. We can help you to determine what is right for your particular case. That is the first step.

If bankruptcy becomes your best option, we can help you to look forward to fresh start. In some cases, we are able to file bankruptcy options in a single day. We provide personal legal services, including Chapter 7, which means that you will be free of unsecured consumer debts, or Chapter 13, which is a good option for those who have too many assets or are above the median income to qualify for Chapter 7.

Bankruptcy laws have recently become more complicated, made even more so by strict court procedures and strict deadlines. If you are facing repossession, wage garnishment, or the threat of foreclosure, we are well qualified to put your financial problems in order as quickly and with as little further anxiety as possible. We can advise you on bankruptcy exemptions and any property you may legally retain under Illinois state law. In addition, as your attorney, we can and will represent you at your required federal court hearing.

At Affordable Bankruptcy Legal Services, any and all of your appointments and conversations with us are private and confidential. Once we assess your financial status and discuss your viable options, the final decision is in your hands. We look forward to an initial free consultation and the opportunity to ease the pressure of unsettling financial times. Contact us today. We really can help.