Why Hire Badnell And Dick As Your Chapter 7 Or 13 Attorney In Dayton Ohio?

Filing for bankruptcy should only be considered when no other viable option is available. For many, consolidating debts or filing for complete debt discharge may be the only manner in which an individual can get a fresh start. Before making a decision, however, consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is highly recommended.

In Dayton, individuals considering filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 are encouraged to contact Badnell & Dick, a law firm specializing in personal finance legalities. Free consultation is available for those seeking answers concerning how the bankruptcy process works.

Should You File A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 in Dayton Ohio?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy results in the complete discharge of debt, either by the process of liquidating certain assets that qualify for transference to another entity or by ascertaining that no qualifying assets exist. For those who have little or no disposable income, do not possess adequate assets, or have no accumulated savings, Chapter 7 may be the best option.

Chapter 13 is a form of debt relief that involves the consolidation of monies owed. The result of this filing is a repayment plan that may total a certain percentage of the amount owed. In both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings, a trustee is appointed who oversees the distribution of assets and/or the scheduling of a repayment plan.

How This Affects Credit Standing

Bankruptcy comes with a price, namely the credit worthiness of the individual. Filing for bankruptcy becomes public record, one that the credit bureaus take notice of. Individuals filing for bankruptcy will find it difficult to obtain credit for the next several years, but in many cases is this better than being saddled with an unpayable debt.

Consult With An Attorney

Most individuals who consider bankruptcy as the only option available to them should consult with an attorney to get answers concerning debt consolidation, the timeline for discharging of all monies owed, and the effect on future credit worthiness.

Fees paid for the filing of bankruptcy papers vary from one legal firm to another. Badnell & Dick Co., L.P.A., a law firm licensed in the state of Ohio, offers a small flat fee for those who choose a Chapter 7 bankruptcy settlement and discharge. This fee covers all consultation, document authorization, trustee appointment, and filing of all paperwork in accordance with the Federal Bankruptcy Court statutes.

Badnell & Dick has an experienced team of bankruptcy attorneys ready to assist Dayton, OH residents with their debt settlement. Remember, the options are limited, but a free consultation is available to help each individual make the right choice.