Why hire Badnell and Dick as your Chapter 7 or 13 attorney in Lima Ohio?

Going through chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy in Lima, Ohio is not easy for anyone. However, if you want to get through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible, then hire Badnell and Dick. They are experienced, thoughtful, thorough, and supportive.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Lima Ohio

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is meant for people who have very little assets and income, but a lot of debt. In a Chapter 7 process, a trustee will attempt to sell off any assets the person holds which are not exempt from sale to pay the creditors, although generally the creditors will receive very little. A lawyer is critical to help you file the right paperwork at the right time and emerge from the bankruptcy smoothly. While bankruptcies can be distressing, the goal is to let you restart your financial life and get back in control of your finances. A good bankruptcy lawyer like Badnell and Dick will protect your assets as much as possible and guide you to a stable outcome.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Lima Ohio

The case of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a little more complicated. Chapter 13 is for debtors who have a lot of debts, but also have significant income. Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debt will be reorganized to fit a new payment plan that you should be able to make, given your income. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you keep more of your assets and may reduce the amount that you owe. However, it will take several years to pay back all of the debt and complete the Chapter 13 process. A good lawyer can negotiate a more favorable payment plan and secure other advantages for you, like stripping junior liens off a house.

In both kinds of bankruptcy for individuals, it is crucial to have an experienced and qualified attorney who can help you complete the bankruptcy in good financial health. That’s why anyone in Lima who is facing bankruptcy should go to Badnell and Dick as their first choice of attorney. Their firm has the experience to make it as painless as possible for you to put this difficult chapter in your life behind you.