Can I File for a Personal Injury Case after a Car Accident in Mansfield, Dayton or Lima Ohio?

If you have suffered minor or serious injuries from a car accident as a result of another’s negligence, you can file a personal injury case. This might be the only way you are assured of receiving fair financial compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured from the accident.

However, every state has a statute of limitations on filing a personal injury insurance claim. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you legal advice on how long after the accident you have to file a claim.

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The Steps to Take after a Car Crash Injury

Because of your injuries, it is important to seek out the best medical care as quickly as possible. Next, you will need to take steps to preserve your rights for filing a claim to cover the financial costs involved with your personal injuries. In addition, you should take specific steps that include:

• Collecting Evidence – Collecting and maintaining evidence is crucial to support your claim. This includes gathering police records concerning the accident, along with photographs of the scene and damage to the vehicle.

• Keep Documentation – Be sure and organize all documentation concerning the accident including paperwork on hospital visits, lost wages or work, pertinent medical bills, etc.

• Locate Witnesses – It is important to gather contact information on all witnesses of the accident, and make notes of any conversation you have had with them in discussing the incident.


Supporting Your Claim

With your collected evidence, organized documentation and a list of witnesses, you will need to take the information and build a case to support your claim. This will include proving that the other party or parties involved in the accident are responsible for your injuries. In fact, proving fault is a key component to receiving financial compensation for the losses you have endured.

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The complexities of personal injury law can be extensive, and difficult to understand. Because of that, you need to contact an attorney that specializes in vehicle accident personal injury cases in your community. Most will offer a free consultation to discuss the merits of your claim, to provide you legal advice on the best steps for receiving fair compensation.

In fact,our skilled car accident personal injury attorney will work on your behalf to collect evidence, organized documents and locate your witnesses. They can build a strong case to support your claim and negotiate directly with insurance carriers to ensure you receive full compensation for your pain, suffering, damages and injuries.