What are common reasons people are denied Social Security Disability in Columbus, Mansfield, Dayton, Toledo and Lima, Ohio?

Becoming unable to work due to an illness or physical impairment can be devastating to financial obligations and livelihood as the person waits out the process continuing to be denied.

Usually 90 percent of the people who file a first-time claim are denied. On the second appeal to get a claim approved, the number of people approved is around 75 percent. Most people have to go before a judge to have a claim approved simply because the system is broken. It can take years to get a claim approved through the system because it is overwhelmed, and the social security administration admits to that fact. The top three reasons why a claim is denied are listed below.

Paper Trail and Medical Records

This is a major reason why so many fail to be approved on their claims for Social Security disability benefits. Anyone filing for disability needs to have every medical record available to submit to them. Lack of medical records only gives SS an opportunity to deny a claim.

The more paperwork available with treatments, addresses, names and phone numbers of doctors or hospitals is crucial to get a claim approved by the system. Anyone filing a claim for benefits needs to be sure they have all records present in the beginning as well as during the process to submit to SS.

Lawyers and Advocates

Many people fail to hire a lawyer or advocate helping them through the process from the beginning. This is one of the worst mistakes that they make. Anyone filing for disability benefits should hire a lawyer who will work on their behalf. Going it alone will almost guarantee that a claim is denied.

A lawyer can file and submit all the records and paperwork for the client during the process. Once the claim has been denied by social security twice is when the lawyer really steps up to the plate on the client’s behalf. A social security lawyer is the best chance of having a claim approved.

Following Prescribed Care

Once a claim has been filed with social security, it is vital that the client follows any advice the lawyer recommends. This includes seeing doctors regularly, following any treatments and taking prescribed medications for the illness.

Any medical treatments during the process to get a claim approved can then be submitted to SS to enhance the possibility of the claim being approved. The more paperwork concerning an illness that SS receives improves the chance of obtaining benefits. Failing to cooperate with SS will most likely lessen the chances of receiving disability benefits.