How complex is filing for social security claim in Ohio?

Those who have disabilities and are considering filing a social security claim may be unfamiliar with the process. The process can be intimidating if a person has never had to use his or her social security benefits. Often, the crucial question that a person wonders is whether he or she will ultimately be approved for benefits when he or she files a claim.

The answer to that question is not so clear. There are several factors that the Social Security Administration considers in determining whether to provide benefits to a person. One who is concerned about being approved for benefits may want to meet with a social security benefits lawyer to ensure that his or her claim filing is accurate. Because the Administration considers the following factors in making a factual determination in whether to approve or disapprove a claim, it can be in a person’s best interest to work with a lawyer for filing a claim. A lawyer is prepared to appeal any decisions that a Social Security Administration makes and can also challenge these decisions based on his or her knowledge of social security laws.

Determining the Employment Status of an Individual

If a disabled individual is currently earning an income from a “substantial gainful activity,” then he or she will be barred from receiving social security benefits. A lawyer may know nuances in the case law governing this factor and may be able to use this knowledge to a client’s benefit.

Determining the Severity of a Disability

If the Administration determines that one’s disability is not severe, then it may deny the person’s claim. A lawyer may know how to convey the facts surrounding one’s disability claim to ensure that the Administration understands the full severity of one’s disability.

Listing One’s Impairments

Another aspect of filling out a claim for benefits is the listing of one’s impairments. The Administration maintains a list of medical conditions that will be considered in determining whether to award benefits. If one’s condition does not appear on this list, then he or she is at risk for being denied social security benefits.

Individuals can benefit from the experience that lawyers have in filing social security benefits claims. Overall, filing social security benefits claims can be a very complex process. For the person who wants to ensure that an application is accurate and precise, seeking legal counsel may be the wisest decision. Social security benefits lawyers may also be able to spot any mistakes in an existing application and make the necessary amendments.