Why hire Badnell and Dick Co. LPA to handle my Disability case in Dayton, Lima or Mansfield, Ohio?

Badnell and Dick Co. LPA offers a unique, client and result-centered approach to Disability litigation. Their lawyers can be counted on to provide dependable, knowledgeable expert counsel and personal attention, all without fees until the client’s case is won. Furthermore, the attorneys of Badnell and Dick Co. LPA. hold themselves to a high ethical standard, working for the client alone and fighting tirelessly for their rights.

Badnell and Dick Co. LPA’s attorneys live and practice law in Dayton, Mansfield and Lima  and so see themselves, not just as professionals, but as a vital part of the community with a responsibility to get results for their clients. They realize that skilled representation should not be the sole province of insurance companies, and so refuse to charge clients until those clients’ cases are won. They offer a free initial consultation for all Disability, Personal Injury, and Worker’s Compensation cases for the same reason. Finally, a word must be said for Badnell and Dick Co. LPA’s honesty: their attorneys flat-out refuse to work for insurance companies, and never have in the past, thus guaranteeing their loyalty and commitment to their clients.

The client is not paying for integrity alone, however: Badnell and Dick Co. LPA’s attorneys have great expertise in the field of Injury-Disability law. With thirty combined years of experience in personal injury cases, extensive work in Social Security Disability case management, and a board-certified specialist in worker’s compensation law on hand, their clients can go to trial confident in the quality of their representation.

When one hires an attorney from Badnell and Dick Co. LPA, they are also hiring a neighbor. This neighbor is talented, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable about disability law, but they are also someone who’s lived and worked in the same community as the client. This personal connection and empathy lies at the core of Badnell and Dick Co. LPA.’s goals: not just to represent their clients, but to provide a helping hand to a neighbor in need, and enrich the community as a result.