Why Hire an Attorney after Being Denied Disability in Mansfield, Dayton, Toledo or Lima, Ohio?

It is understandable that individuals often wonder what their next move is when they have been denied disability in Dayton Ohio, from the Social Security Agency (SSA). In fact, the law allows a quick appeal if your disability has been denied. However, it is essential to hire an experienced attorney right away because there is a 60-day deadline from the date of denial.

It Is Best to Appeal

Oddly, almost all denied disability claims are never appealed. This is often the result of the claimant giving up on the disability process, or recognizing they waited too long and miss the deadline. Sometimes, they will make the mistake of filing a new claim. When the denied individual fails to appeal in a timely manner, or files a new claim, they often receive the same result – the loss of their right to appeal.

The Rights to Benefits

Individuals that suffer a disabling condition generally do not have the ability to generate an income for themselves or their family. When this happens, they are often entitled to VA disability benefits, long-term disability insurance, or Social Security benefits. Many times, this is their only lifeline to a normal existence. Even when individuals have the greatest need and are eligible for disability, they are often denied.

Hiring an Attorney

There are numerous factors to why individuals become disabled. Hiring an attorney can help the client sort out their personal experience. The disabled individual may have been injured in the workplace and are eligible to receive workers’ compensation. They may have suffered injuries in a vehicle accident and have the ability to make a personal injury claim against the responsible party. An experienced attorney can provide a variety of legal options to fight for their client’s rights and benefits.

A skilled lawyer can help establish the validity of a disability claim filed in the Social Security Administration, or with the Veterans Administration (VA). The denial might be a result of incomplete forms, or directions that were misleading, or difficult to understand. Skilled lawyers use their valuable experience to navigate the paperwork in accordance to the guidelines set by the SSA and VA.

If necessary, the attorney can involve medical professionals that can evaluate your condition and present evidence support your claim. This can help identify all your eligible benefits. The process of filing for disability or an appeal does not need to be a lonely experience. A skilled attorney will provide a free consultation to discuss your available legal options.