Top 10 Reasons People File for Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to disabled people who meet certain requirements. The following are top 10 reasons that people apply for Social Security Disability benefits:

10. Statutory Blindness

People with statutory blindness have vision that is 20/200 or worse, which severely hinders their ability to perform work duties. The SSA grants benefits to such individuals if they have proof of the condition.

9. Long-Term Illness

A person who is expected to suffer from an illness for more than one year may be eligible for disability benefits. The illness must be listed on the SSA’s page of qualifying conditions.

8. Terminal Illness

Terminal illnesses are eligible for payment under the SSDI benefit. The applicant must have the appropriate documentation from a medical professional.

7. Severe Physical Illness

A severe illness such as cancer, diabetes and HIV can qualify a person for SSDI benefits. Such individuals may also be eligible for an expedited claim based on the severity of the condition.

6. Severe Mental Illness

Conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, unipolar depression and anxiety qualify for assistance from the SSA for disability. As with all other illnesses, the person must have undeniable proof of the condition.

5. Restricting Illness

Even if a condition does not completely incapacitate the patient, he or she may still be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. A person who cannot work enough to make $1,070 a month may qualify for help.

4. Work and Collect Ability

The SSA offers people a chance to try to go back to work and still keep their benefits. They will continue to provide disability benefits while the person goes through a trial stage of a few years.

3. Medical Insurance

An SSDI applicant is eligible for medical benefits upon approval of a claim. The benefits give the person access to medication, medical treatment and more.

2. Housing Grants

SSDI recipients are eligible for housing grants even if they do not have good credit. The government tries to help those people find housing so that they do not have to stress about living arrangements.

1. Business Opportunities

People who qualify for SSDI are permitted to start a business and still collect their benefits. This is a wonderful opportunity for a disabled person to take.

Interested persons can apply for SSDI benefits at the SSA main website. Online applications are quick and easy to understand. The SSA provides all the necessary forms that an applicant needs to complete.