What Are the Top 5 Reasons People File for Social Security Disability in Ohio?

Social Security Disability allows citizens of the United States receive benefits from the government because they are unable to work. These benefits last until the recipient hits full retirement age and they start receiving their normal Social Security benefits. While there are a wide variety reasons why people would file for Social Security Disability, these are the five most common.

1. Long-Term Illness

If someone is suffering from an illness or injury for more than a year that prevents them from properly doing their job, then they are extremely likely to apply for Social Security Disability. If the person can prove that their illness has been debilitating for more than a year through medical evidence, then they will most likely receive the benefits.

2. Terminal or Severe Illness

While a person must have most illnesses for more than a year to be eligible for disability benefits, this is not the case with terminal or extremely severe illnesses. A severe illness would include cancer or HIV. If someone can get a doctor to provide proof of a terminal or severe illness, then they will receive expedited disability benefits.

3. Statutory Blindness

Statutory blindness is defined as having 20/200 vision or worse. Since the person has no ability to see, they are going to have a tough time completing the normal work duties of any job. People that qualify for Social Security Disability benefits because of statutory blindness also receive more money each month than everyone else.

4. Severe Mental Illness

Another popular reason people file for Social Security Disability benefits is because they have a severe mental illness. Some of the severe mental illnesses that will grant disability benefits include bipolar disorder, unipolar depression, schizophrenia and post traumatic stress disorder. While several mental illnesses may be harder to prove than others, a diagnosis from a quality doctor should be enough to help win the case and receive benefits.

5. Medical Insurance

The final major reason people file for Social Security Disability benefits is because they are looking for medical insurance. While someone suffering from a severe illness may not want to apply for benefits from the government, they may be forced to apply in order to pay for treatments for their illness. Everyone that receives disability benefits automatically gets medical coverage in the form of Medicaid.