How Can a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help Me with My Case in Mansfield, Dayton or Lima, Ohio?

Successfully making a workers’ compensation claim requires experience and patience. This is true even if filing a claim for partial permanent, temporary total or permanent total disability. Because of that, many individuals hire a workers’ compensation attorney to help with their case. This is important because lawyers are familiar with the compensation process and can ensure you receive fair recompense to pay off your current medical expenses and recoup lost wages.

In fact, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can provide you legal assistance in a variety of ways that include:

• Submit all required documents to ensure compensation for your claim
• Gather all necessary documents and medical records used to support your suffering and injuries
• Keep in contact with insurance companies to stay abreast of your claim’s status
• Develop an effective strategy to use if your workers’ compensation claim has been denied
• Make a formal legal request with the state for an administrative hearing to appeal

Delaying Payment

Often times, employers and insurance companies use a variety of tactics to delay payment on the claim, at a time when you have the greatest need for your entitled benefits. However, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can cut through much of the red tape to expedite your financial benefits.

A Responsible Third Party

Many times, workers compensation cases involve a third party, where an individual or entity was negligent and caused your accident. As an example, it could be a subcontractor or one of their employees on a construction site that directly caused your accident or injuries. A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can file a claim or lawsuit against the third party and gain a higher level of financial compensation to cover your injuries, pain, suffering and damages.

Complaints and Reports

Your hired experienced workers compensation lawyer might recognize the need to file a discrimination complaint on your behalf with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). In addition, the attorney might, on your behalf, file documentation with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), reporting an unsafe working environment. This will ensure that no other individuals will be hurt or discriminated at the workplace.

Hiring a skilled workers’ compensation attorney is the only way to be assured that you obtain the maximum financial compensation benefits you are entitled to receive. Many times, the amount of benefits you receive are greater even when paying the attorney’s fees, when compared to navigating the workers’ comp system on your own.