Is an attorney really necessary when filing for a workers’ compensation claim in Ohio?

When a worker has been injured in a construction accident or other type of accident in the workplace, the experience can be devastating for family members and the worker. The worker may be unable to return to work, and he or she may have expenses piling up as a result. It is important to consider all possible sources of compensation when a worker is in this position.

Workers may wonder whether they have any additional remedies available to them beyond workers’ compensation. The reality for many workers is that workers’ compensation payments do not cover all of the expenses that they face. They may face high medical bills and also need to supplement a family’s income for rent or a mortgage payment, car payments and groceries.

One option that workers may consider is the possibility of hiring a lawyer with a specialty in handling workers’ compensation claims in Ohio. These attorneys are well versed in the ways in which other parties may be liable for the injuries that a worker has suffered. It is important that workers who are considering hiring a lawyer meet with a lawyer as soon as possible. There is only a limited time in which workers can file a workers’ compensation claim under the Statute of Limitations in Ohio.

Hiring a Lawyer for Workers’ Compensation Claims in Ohio

A lawyer will be able to determine whether a construction employer, manufacturer of equipment, supervisor or other party is liable for the damages that an employee has suffered. If multiple parties are liable for a worker’s damages, then the chances are much greater that the worker can obtain a decent recovery for his or her injuries.

Filing Third-Party Claims in Cases Involving Work Injuries

One common way in which third parties also become liable in workers’ compensation cases is when a manufacturer is liable for the creation of a defective product. All manufacturers and entities in the chain of distribution are strictly liable for releasing a product into the stream of commerce that ultimately injures a foreseeable plaintiff. This means that a construction worker may be able to recover damages if a defective scaffolding, defective piece of machinery or defective safety harness injured him or her.

A personal injury lawyer can assess the total damages that a worker has suffered and file a lawsuit against the appropriate parties. Getting in touch with a lawyer may provide a worker with full knowledge of the legal options available to him or her.