What is Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, PPD (Permanent Partial Disability) is a benefit payable to employees that have sustained permanent disability. PPD often involves the loss of an extremity, or part of an extremity including a leg, foot, fingers, hand or arm.

However, it can also include the loss of an eye, or the dislocation of a joint where ligaments have been severed causing irreparable damage. Usually, the permanent partial disability arises from an injury that tends to be lasting, fixed and stable. Other medical conditions also qualify for PPD benefits.

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Returning to Work

The Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation program encourages the injured beneficiary to return to work. This is because the benefits are paid to the eligible individual even when not completely disabled. Often times, the individual receiving benefits has the capacity to return to work, though typically it is not the same occupation, or will it be a job that earns less than when employed before the injury.

In Conjunction with Workers’ Compensation

When the individual is awarded PPD (permanent partial disability) benefits, it does not settle the claim for workers’ compensation. That claim continues even after the PPD award until a successful conclusion has been reached, and workers’ compensation benefits have been paid.

Under complex workers’ compensation law, PPD is recognized as injuries that impair mental or physical abilities of the injured worker in their capacity to perform some portion of their normal work duties. This is based on their capacity to work until their retirement years.

Filing a Claim PPD Claim in Ohio

Individuals that suffer permanent partial disability have the right to file a claim. The award they receive are typically based on a one third average of their weekly wage, and cannot exceed two thirds of that amount. To qualify, the injured party will be required to submit to a medical exam. This will determine the extent of their work-related injury. Once the medical exam report has been submitted, a tentative order for benefits will be issued.

There are times where the amount of the PPD award in Ohio is not enough recompense. When this happens, the injured party can apply for an increase, where the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation will review medical files on the individual’s disability.

Permanent partial disability awards in Ohio are available to many individuals that have sustained permanent disabling injuries, and desire to go back to work. This provides a financial opportunity to be a productive member in the Ohio community after being injured in a work-related incident.