Why Would I File for a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Mansfield, Lima or Dayton, Ohio?

Any individual suffering a job-related illness or injury in Ohio is entitled to benefits through workers’ compensation, an insurance program mandated by the state of Ohio. Generally, any employee can receive benefits through workers’ compensation for their work-related injuries or illnesses regardless of who was negligent in the accident or incident. This includes any employee, a coworker, a customer, the employer, or third party.

Unfortunately, any employee that files a workers’ compensation claim gives up their right to file a lawsuit against their employer for the damages, injuries, pain and suffering they have endured. Because of that, it is essential to hire an experienced Ohio BWC attorney to ensure the employee receives fair compensation to cover a variety of factors that include:

• Current and past medical expenses
• Future physical therapy, rehabilitation and medical procedures
• Lost wages
• Lost future earnings (approximately 2/3 of his or her normal salary)
• The cost of retraining for a different job if applicable


Covered Injuries and Conditions for Workers’ Compensation in Ohio

The injuries the employee experienced does not necessarily need to be accident-related, like falling from a ladder or being hit by a vehicle, to receive workers’ comp benefits. It can also be injuries or illnesses caused by misuse or overuse of the body for an extended time, like a repetitive stress injury (carpal tunnel syndrome), or chronic back issues.

Claimants often receive benefits for a variety of diseases and illnesses that are work-related including stress-related digestive issues, lung disease, heart conditions, or exposure to toxic substances. Injuries and incidences do not have to have occurred at the workplace. If the employee is traveling while on business, or performing a work-related task, they still may be entitled to benefits.

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