Temporary Total Disability In The State Of Ohio

Nobody plans to be injured on the job. When it does happen, a worker may have an injury that will prevent them from working for an extended period of time. They may be facing a situation where a full recovery will require them to be away from work for weeks, months or longer. Rehabilitation could take a long period of time. During the medical recovery process, a worker will have no income. In the state of Ohio, it is possible for a worker facing this situation to collect temporary total disability until they are able to return to work.

Income Percentage

Once a person is approved to receive temporary total disability, they will not receive their full base rate of pay. On average, a worker will be paid a little over 70 percent of their full weekly pay. This is determined by Ohio’s predetermined disability pay rates. This payment will only last for an initial twelve week period. Beginning on the thirteenth week, a person will receive a rate of a little more than 65 percent of their average weekly pay.

Bureau of Worker’s Compensation

A worker receiving temporary total disability compensation on a continuous basis for at least 90 days may be required to submit to a complete medical examination. This may be a requirement of the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation. The results of this request will be utilized to determine if an injured worker is at their maximum for improvement with their medical condition. This means that no further physical improvement can be anticipated even if medical treatment and rehabilitation are continued at current levels.

Waiting Period

Once a person is approved to receive temporary total disability compensation, they will have to wait at least seven days to receive their first payment. This isn’t necessary if the worker has been away from their job for a period of fourteen consecutive days. Should an injured worker be away from their work for only a period of ten consecutive days, they are eligible to receive three days of temporary total disability compensation.

Legal Disputes

If an employer believes a worker has reached their maximum for improvement, they can request a hearing. The goal of the hearing will be to terminate the worker’s temporary total disability compensation. A worker can have legal representation at this hearing. Both parties will be permitted to present evidence in support of their position. Once the hearing is concluded, the order from the hearing officer will be mailed to all parties involved and their representatives. An experienced attorney will know how to get their client the desired result from this type of hearing.