Top 10 reasons employees file a Workers’ Compensation claim in Ohio?

There are a few reasons as to why an employee would need to file a workers’ compensation claim in Ohio.

1. Any time a job causes an injury, then a claim can be filed. Employees are entitled to compensation for the injury as long as it can be proven that it occurred on the job.

2. If you are unable to sue the employer, a claim is likely the only way that you can get any kind of compensation for medical bills or missed work.

3. You can file a claim if the initial one is denied. An attorney is best in this situation as the proper paperwork needs to be completed. The appeal is heard in front of an arbitrator. This person will make the final decision about the claim.

4. Many employees file a workers’ compensation claim if they don’t know what benefits are available. They might think that they can only get compensated for medical bills only to find out that the missed time at work can also be covered.

5. There is a time limit that the state gives to file a claim. If the claim isn’t filed in this time, then employees will likely lose the opportunity to make the claim.

6. After benefits checks begin coming in, a claim should still be formally filed in case there are any questions later on in regards to the nature of the injury or when the injury occurred. This can also be a benefit if a hearing is needed at a later time.

7. Many people file a claim do that they can keep their job. An employer can’t fire an employee simply because a workers’ compensation claim has been filed. This would be similar to discrimination.

8. A claim can be filed if you are asked to take a decrease in pay after the injury. You are entitled to a certain amount of money for the difference in the original pay and what you receive with the new job.

9. Some people are unable to work after being injured. This is when it’s most important to file a claim so that you can still have income.

10. If a claim is filed, then medical bills can be covered in an easier fashion. You won’t have to pay anything out of pocket in most cases for medications and visits to doctors.